Saturday, July 10, 2010

ITA Summer Circuit

There is an ITA Summer Circuit Event Next Weekend July 17 - 19 at Ohio State University. The event is open to both college and junior players.
ITA Summer Circuit Schedule

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Upcoming Midwest Tournament Schedule

Midwest Open (B18) Jul 30 - Aug 2. Deadline: Thur, Jul 8, Noon.
Midwest Open (G16) Aug 2-6. Deadline: Thur, Jul 8, Noon.
Midwest Open (B16) Aug 2-6. Deadline: Thur, Jul 8, Noon.

Level 5
Laurel Hill Junior Open (BG 18-10)s,d. Jul 12 - 14. Deadline: Thur, Jul 8.
Indiana State Junior Open (BG 18-10)sd. Jul 15-18. Deadline: Sun, Jul 11.
DCC Midwest Level 5 (BG 18-10)s Jul 30 - Aug 2. Deadline: Mon, Jul 19.

Level 4
Ann Arbor Junior Open (BG18-10)sd. Aug 9 -13. Deadline: Sun, Aug 1.

Midwest Tournaments Used For National Rankings

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Midwest Closed

Congratulations to the following who went to The Closed.
Left to Right / Top to Bottom: Olivia Kompa (G12), Ashley Tan (G12), Elaine Cloern (G16), Claire Metka (G16)
Rohan Gupta (B12), Robert Cash (B12), Alex Cash (G12)
Kevin Metka (B18), Olivia Ott (G18), Caitlyn Merzbacher (G14)
Casey Cempre (B18), C.J. Cash (B14), Abby Lewis (G18)
Audrey Berger (G14), Ashley Thai (G16), Jeffery Melvin (B14)

Tennisfax Midwest Level 5

Girls 16s Champion / Girls 18s Doubles Finalist - Ashley Thai
Girls 18s Doubles Champion - Olivia Ott
Boys 14s Finalist - C.J. Cash
Boys 12s Finalist - Eric Hunter

10s District Champions

Boys 10s OVTA Singles Champion - Robert Cash
Boys 10s OVTA Doubles Champions - Jack Dabek / Robert Cash