Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Midwest Level 4 Champion

Congratulations to Jack Dabek, who won the Boys 12s Midwest Level 4 last weekend in Perrysburg.  Jack was down 3-9 in the 3rd set tiebreaker in the 2nd round, and went on to win the next 8 points, and then his next 3 matches.

At the Boys 14s level 4 in Cincinnati, Rohith Koneru won 2 rounds in the front draw, and split sets with the 1 seed, Nick Williams.
Jonathan Zhuravel won 3 rounds and defeated the 3rd seed.

Connor Biernat won 2 rounds at the Boys 14s Midwest Designated tournament in Toledo.

At the Girls 16s Midwest Designated in Midland, Caitlyn Merzbacher won 2 rounds in the front draw and split sets with former National Champion Lauren Goodman.

At the Girls 18s Midwest Designated in Grand Blanc, Ashley Thai won 2 rounds and defeated the 7 seed Meika Ashby.

Tournament Champion

Congratulations to Temidayo Dairo for winning his 1st tournament over the weekend.  He won the Boys 14s in Chillicothe.