Wednesday, August 14, 2013

USTA National Championships Boys 12s

Robert Cash and Griffin Biernat competed in the Boys 12s National Championships last week in Little Rock, Arkansas. 
Robert was the only non seeded player to reach the Round of 16 in singles, and defeated the 16 seed 6-0 6-2. He also reached the Round of 16 in doubles with Spencer Gray, losing in 3 sets to the Singles Champion and Doubles Finalist. 

Griffin battled back from a 6-0, 5-1 deficit to come back and get his 1st win at Nationals!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Midwest Championships 18s Int Final 4

The 18s Int team reached the semifinals of the Junior Team Tennis Midwest Championships last weekend in Indianapolis.  They lost a close match by 4 games to Paramount in the semis.  The team included Patrick Liu, Arjun Venkataraman, Natalie Hagy, Laura Hagy, Melinda Wang, Elizabeth Chiu, Jason Liu, Shuo Liu and Temidayo Dairo.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Midwest Championships 12s Adv

The 12s advanced team won 2nd place over the weekend at the Midwest Junior Team Tennis Championships in Indianapolis.  The team was one of 4 Racquet Club teams to make the finals, and consisted of Erin Zhao, Evelin Holman, Trevor Ball, Nicholas Gruss, Connor Page and Katie Yao.

Midwest Championships 18s Adv Finalists

The 18s advanced team reached the Finals of the Midwest Championships.  The team which had made 3 straight trips to Nationals lost by 3 games to a team from Indianapolis.  They defeated a strong Paramount team in the semis by 3 games for a 2nd straight time to reach the finals.  
The team included Ashley Tan, Elaine Cloern, Ashley Thai, Olivia Kompa, Ryan Bibo, C.J. Cash, and Jeffrey Melvin.  

Midwest Championships Finalists 14s Int

The 14s Int team reached the Finals of the Midwest Championships last weekend in Indianapolis.  The team was one of 4 Racquet Club teams to reach the Finals. The team lost in the finals to a team from Grand Rapids.  Victoria Fan went undefeated on the weekend, winning 12 matches.
The team included Kolapo Dairo, Jonathan Liu, Alex Dabek, Victoria Fan, Nick Kashani-Motlagh, Nicole Holman, Masha Manilchuk and Nari Johnson.

Midwest Champions 14s Advanced

The 14s advanced team won the Midwest Championships last weekend in Indianapolis, advancing to the Nationals in South Carolina for the 2nd straight year.  They beat a team from Chicago in the finals, and went undefeated in all doubles courts for the tournament.
The team included Connor Biernat, Robert Cash, Colten Clark, Jack Dabek, Robert Dong, Alex Cash, Paige Kompa, Ashley Weeks and Sarina Xie.

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