Wednesday, March 28, 2012


At the Boys 12s Midwest Level 5 tournament in Cleveland last weekend, Robert Cash won the tournament, and Robert Dong won 5th place.

10s / 12s

Congratulations to the the Girls 10s at the Racquet Club 10s Tournament
Ella Hazelbaker - Finalist
Arya Dudipala - Consolation Champion
Also congratulations to Connor Page who was the Boys 12s Finalist in Chillicothe in his 1st Tournament.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midwest Championships

Congratulations to all who competed in Midwest Championships over the weekend.
Paige Kompa defeated the 2 seed at the 12s Level 4.
CJ. Cash won the Sportsmanship and 5th Place, Jeffrey Melvin was a semifinalist at 16s Level 4.
Robert Cash, Jack Dabek and Connor Biernat all competed at the 12s Midwest Designated. Connor won 2 matches. Robert was the only non seed to make the quarterfinals. Jack made it to Monday.
Sarina Xie won 2 matches at the 12s Designated.

Columbus Spring Open

The Racquet Club hosted the Columbus Spring Open last weekend.
Girls 14s Champion - Alex Cash
Boys 12s Finalists - Robert Dong
Girls 12s Finalist - Neha Dudipala
Girls 12s Consolation Champion - Evelyn Holman

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Midwest Level 4 Finalists

Congratulations to Ashley Thai (Girls 18s) and Rohan Gupta (Boys 14s) for getting to the finals of the Midwest Level 4 Championships.

Midwest Level 5 Finalist

Congratulations to Alex Cash, who defeated 3 seeds and got to the finals at the Girls 14s Midwest Level 5 tournament.