Tuesday, August 30, 2016

National Doubles Champion

Congratulations to Robert Cash who won a Gold Ball winning the Boys 16s Doubles at the USTA National Doubles Championships in Winston Salem.  He played with J.J. Mercer, who is from Huntington, W.V.  The finals they defeated the 1 seeds in their closest match of the tournament, 6-7 6-4, 7-6.  They came back from 0-4 down in the 3rd set tiebreaker to win 7-5.

RCC 10s Team Midwest Championships

The RCC 10s team got 3rd place at the JTT Midwest Championships earlier in the month in Indianapolis.  The team coached by Mike Kathary was one game away from making the finals, as they finished tied for 1st in their flight.  The team consisted of Libby Alderman, Pranjal Agochiya, Gabby Knueve, Isabella Roth, Sujan Sriram, Sanjan Shanker and Neil Reddy.  They defeated North Shore elite.  Isabella Roth won the Sportsmanship Award.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

USTA Midwest Level 3 Compass Draw Deadline Today

There is a Midwest Level 3 Tournament on Labor Day weekend in Grand Rapids, MI.  It is a 64 Compass Draw and has Doubles.  The deadline to apply is today.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

18s Adv Midwest Champs

The 18s Rcc Adv team won the Midwest JTT Championships last weekend in Indianapolis. The team was made up of Colten Clark, Connor Biernat, Jonathan Zhuravel, Jordan Phelps, Robert Cash, Alex Cash, Kathleen Jones, Paige Kompa and Zoey Weil. They played a strong Five Star team in the finals. Rcc came back to win 33-25 after dropping the mixed doubles court. Girls doubles won 8-1 and boys doubles won 8-4 to take the lead. The team is one of three Racquet Club teams to qualify for Nationals in South Carolina.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

RCC 14s Adv Midwest Champions

The RCC 14s Advanced Team was one of 3 RCC teams to win the Midwest JTT Championships and qualify for Nationals.  The team was made up of Caroline Sproule, Katherine Wang, Maddie Atway, Dean Atway, Griffin Biernat, Pavan Uppu and Trevor Ball.  Zack Schwenning also helped coach the team.  They entered their last match of their flight with a 5 game lead over Team Grissom, and narrowly escaped with a victory to put them in the finals.  Maddie and Pavan won a very close mixed doubles to clinch the win.  The team played Port Huron in the finals, and won all the courts except boys singles, in which Trevol Ball competed well to get 6 games.  Caroline Sproule and Katherine won 8-1 to give the team a comfortable lead.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

RCC 14s Int Midwest Champions

RCC sent 8 teams to the Midwest JTT Championships last weekend in Indianapolis.  Of the 4 teams to qualify for Nationals, 3 of them were from the Racquet Club.  The 14s Int, along with the 14s and 18s Advanced teams all won and qualified to go Nationals in Columbia, South Carolina.
The 14s Int lost to Grant County in their flight, but they were the one 2nd place team to make the semifinals.  They then defeated the same Grant County team in the semifinals 26 - 24, highlighted by a 8-0 win in Girls Singles by Wendy Shi.  They defeated Five Star in the Finals by a wider margin.  The team coached by Ken Berlin and Daniel Lartey was made up of Nathan Yu, Nick Geelan, Sam Routzahn, Shivesh Sankar, Alex Graham, Emma Wang, Emma Wood, Noah Mizer and Wendy Shi.  Nathan Yu was also on the team that went to Nationals last year.

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