Sunday, December 20, 2015

Midwest Designated Level 2

Congratulations to Arya Dudipala and Robert Cash for reaching the semifinals of the Midwest Designated last Weekend.
Robert got 3rd place in the Boys 16s Level 2 in Dayton, defeating the 7 and 3 seeds.
Arya got 4th place at the Girls 12s Level 2 in Okemos, Mi, defeating the 7 and 3 seeds.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Midwest Level 4

Congratulations to Trevor Ball who won the Boys 14s Midwest Level 4 Championships and won the Sportsmanship award last weekend in Cincinnati.  He defeated the 5 seeds and 2 seeds and didn't drop a set throughout the tournament.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

14s Adv Team Tennis Nationals

The 14s Advanced RCC team competed at the Junior Team Tennis National Championships last weekend in Columbia, South Carolina.  The team coached by Ken Berlin received a wildcard and included Arya Dudipala, Neha Dudipala, Erin Zhao, Alex Heiden Kai Britz and Osuke Fujita.  The team was in the toughest flight of the tournament with Eastern finishing 2nd, and Texas and Mid-Atlantic both winning their playoff flights.

RCC fell to Eastern in the 1st match.  Osuke Fujita and Alex Heiden won in Boys Doubles against a very strong team.  In the 2nd match against perennial power Austin Tennis Academy, Arya Dudipala and Neha Dudipala won in Girls Doubles.  Mixed doubles went to a match breaker with Alex Heiden and Erin Zhao.  RCC lost their 3rd match to Mid-Atlantic, but won 3 of the 5 courts sweeping the doubles.  Osuke and Alex won in boys doubles.  Girls Doubles (Dudipala Sisters) and Mixed Doubles  (Erin Zhao / Alex Heiden) won in 3rd sets.  

RCC finished strong by winning both their playoff matches for a 13th place finish.  They defeated Middle States by sweeping the doubles again with Heiden / Britz, Dudipala / Dudipala, and Heiden Zhao.  Erin Zhao also won at Girls Singles.

In their final playoff match, RCC defeated another Midwest team.  They defeated Catching Fire 50-35.  At the Midwest championships RCC only defeated this team 36-28.  Arya and Neha won their 3rd doubles match.  Fujita and Heiden won at boys doubles and Zhao and Heiden won in Mixed Doubles.  

Rcc finished the tournament with very strong doubles play, and was 5-1 in 3rd set tiebreaks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

14s Int 3rd Place Team Tennis Nationals

The 14s Int RCC team competed at the Junior Team Tennis National Championships last weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, and finished 3rd place.  The team included Angela Li, Evelyn Holman, Rosie Gliatis, Adam Sorrels, Dev Vasani, Nathan Yu and Nicholas Gruss and was coached by Gabe Higgs.  Also competing at the event was the 14s advanced team coached by Ken Berlin.

After dropping only 2 courts in the 1st 2 matches against Texas and NorCal, RCC entered its match with Southwest trailing by 5 games.  Nathan Yu and Evelyn Holman won close singles matches, and Boys and Girls doubles dropped close matches.  Dev Vasani and Evelyn went into mixed doubles with the team trailing by 7 games.  They won the 1st set 6-1, and were up 4-1 in the 2nd.  The match came down to the last point, as RCC won on at 5-4 deuce on a volley winner.  This meant they tied in total games, but won the match head to head, so they advanced.  

RCC lost by 11 games in the semis to the champions Middle States.  Nick Gruss and Adam Sorrels had a great comeback win in 3 sets.  RCC won 4 of the 5 courts in the 3rd place match with Eastern.  Nathan Yu lost a long 3 setter.  Angela Li and Rosie Gliatis had a huge 6-1 6-0 win to give the team a big lead, and Evelyn Holman defeated a tough opponent in 3 sets.  Nick Gruss and Adam Sorrels won both their playoff matches, and improved every match, only dropping one match in the tournament in 3 sets.  Dev Vasani played great mixed doubles and only dropped one match at the tournament.  Evelyn Holman went 7-1 at the tournament, and was 3-0 in 3rd set tiebreakers.  Angela Li and Rosie Gliatis played great doubles, and secured 3rd place by winning 6-1 6-0 in the last match.  Nathan Yu played close matches throughout the tournament, and picked up at least 4 games in every set he played, often playing the opposing team's best player.  

Evelyn Holman won the Girls 14s Sportsmanship Award.  This is the 1st time a player from RCC has won this at JTT Nationals.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Boys 14s National Selection Tournament

Congratulations to Robert Cash for winning the Boys 14s National Selection Tournament last weekend in Dayton.  He did not drop a set the whole tournament.  He defeated the 1 seed in the semifinals and won the final 6-2 6-3 .

Girls 12s National Selection Tournament

Congratulations to Maddie Atway for winning the consolation at the Girls 12s National Selection Tournament in Maumee, OH last weekend.   She won 6 matches and only lost to the tournament champion.
Congratulations also to Arya Dudipala.  Her and Maddie got hardware in the doubles.  Maddie and Hannah Kassaie reached the finals where they lost to the one seeds.  Arya and Danielle Schoenly defeated the 4 seeds and the 5 seeds and reached the semifinals.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

National selection tournament

Girls 12s National selection semifinalts Maddie Atway and Arya Dudipala playing with Hannah Kassaie and Danielle Schoenly. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Midwest Level 4 Champion

Congratulations to Jack Dabek for winning the Boys 16s Midwest Level 4 Championships in Rockford, Il.  He defeated 3 seeds, and won the semis and finals in a 3rd set tiebreaker.

Congratulations to Connor Biernat for getting 3rd place at the Boys 18s Level 4 Championships in Grandville, MI.  He defeated the 4 and the 5 seeds.

Tournament Results

Congratulations to Evan Manley for winning the Boys 12s at Wickertree 2 weeks ago.  Aditya Reddy made the Finals of the Boys 12s.
Last weekend in the 14s tournament at Wickertree, Kai Britz reached the finals and Jackson Ware won the Consolation.  In the Girls 14s, Caroline Sproule reached the finals and Rosie Gliatis won the Consolation.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Midwest Level 1 10s Championships

Congratulations to Dean Atway for reaching the Consolation Finals (unplayed) of the Midwest Level 1 Fall Closed Championships last weekend in Chicago.  He won 4 matches, including 2 3rd set breakers, and defeated the 8th seed.

Tournament Champion

Congratulations to Caroline Sproule for wining the Girls 16s last weekend at the Buckeye Challenger in Chillicothe.

Friday, October 30, 2015

18s Team Tennis Nationals

The RCC 18s Advanced team competed last weekend at the Junior Team Tennis Nationals in Columbia, South Carolina.  The team which finished 3rd at the Midwest Championships got a wildcard into the tournament, and finished top 10 despite missing some players.

The team coached by Guy Parks consisted of Jordan Phelps, Robert Dong, Jonathan Zhuravel, Ashley Tan, Paige Kompa and Kathleen Jones.  Colten Clark, Bri Brdicka, Jack Dabek and Sarina Xie were also on the team but unable to go.

Rcc fell to a strong Middle States team in the 1st match. Jonathan Zhuravel won in Singles.  Paige Kompa went 3 sets in singles, and her an Jonathan went 3 sets in Mixed Doubles.
In the 2nd match, RCC lost to the flight winner Mid-Atlantic.  Ashley Tan and Paige Kompa won in girls doubles.  Kathleen Jones and Jordan Phelps went 3 sets in Mixed Doubles.
In the final flight match, RCC picked up a win against Missouri Valley sweeping all 5 courts.
Jonathan and Paige won in singles.  Dong and Phelps won in Boys Doubles while Tan and Jones won in Girls Doubles.  Jonathan and Paige won in mixed.

RCC won their 1st playoff match against So Cal.  Jonathan won again in Singles.  Robert Dong and Kathleen won in 3 sets at mixed doubles.  RCC won both boys and girls doubles with Dong / Phelps and Tan / Kompa.

In the final match, a very strong Northern team defeated RCC for 9th place.  Jonathan picked up the lone win in boys singles.  Jordan and Paige battled to force 3 sets at Mixed Doubles, concluding an overall great weekend for the team.

The 14s Int team will compete at Nationals December 3rd - 5th.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Midwest Level 4

Congratulations to the Jack Dabek, Stu Brdicka, and Trevor Ball for earning hardware at the Midwest Level 4 last weekend.
Jack was a finalist at the Boys 16s in Toledo.  Stuart got 3rd place.
Trevor was the Consolation Champion at the Boys 14s in Dayton.  All 3 players were unseeded.

Monday, October 19, 2015

OTCA Champs

Congratulations to Dublin Jerome and Coach Tyler Stephen for winning the OTCA Championship yesterday.  This is their 2nd straight title.  They defeated North Canton Hoover 3-0 in the Semifinals and defeated Cincinnati Sycamore 3-0 in the final.  Neha Dudipala (sophomore) won at 2nd Doubles in 3 sets after dropping the 1st set.  Erin Zhao (freshman) was battling back in the 3rd set after dropping the 2nd set at 3rd singles when the 1st Doubles Team clinched the victory.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

State Champions

Congratulations to Olivia Kompa and Paige Kompa from Upper Arlington: 2015 Ohio Girls Division I Doubles State Champions.  Olivia (senior), 2014 16s OVTA District Singles Champion, and Paige (freshman), 2015 14s Midwest Closed Doubles Champion, defeated Alexis Steer and Anna Delaney (Olentangy Liberty) 6-2 6-0 in the finals.  They defeated their teammates in the semifinals.  The sisters only lost 9 total games in the entire tournament played at the ATP site in Cincinnati.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

HIgh School Girls State Tournament

Congratulations to all of the Girls who qualified for the State Championships this weekend.  This includes Division I doubles qualifiers Olivia Kompa and Paige Kompa (Upper Arlington) who won Districts last weekend.  Olivia was 1st team all State in Singles last year, while Paige is a freshman.  Also qualifying for Doubles was 1st time state qualifier Neha Dudipala (Dublin Jerome), who is playing with Courtney Go.
In Division I Singles, junior Alex Cash (New Albany) qualified.  She was 1st team All State last year in Singles.
The State Tournament has moved to Cincinnati this year and will be held at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason on Friday and Saturday.

DI Singles Draw
DI Doubles Draw
DII Singles Draw
DII Doubles Draw


On Sunday the OTCA State Final Four will take place.  Congratulations to Dublin Jerome coached by Tyler Stephen for winning the Central District.  Erin Zhao and Neha Dudipala both will compete for Jerome this weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

National Selection Tournament Champions

Congratulations to Robert Cash and Nathan Jose who won the Boys 14s Doubles National Selection Tournament yesterday in Dayton.  They defeated Saiprakash Goli and Alex Lee 9-7 in the final.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Central Ohio Girls High School Districts

Congratulations to the Girls from Central Ohio who qualified for Districts this Friday and Saturday.  District I will be played at Hilliard Davidson Friday and Upper Arlington Saturday.  Division II will be played at CSG Friday and Upper Arlington Saturday.
RCC Singles and Doubles qualifiers include:
Division I Singles:
Alex Cash - New Albany (Sectional Champion)
Evelyn Holman - Upper Arlington
Victoria Fan - Dublin Coffman
Sarina Xie - Thomas Worthington
Erica Chen - Worthington Kilbourne

Division I Doubles:
Bri Brdicka / Kathleen Jones - Olentangy (Sectional Champions)
Neha Dudipala / Courtney Go - Dublin Jerome
Jessica Flynn / Summer Asad - Dublin Coffman
Ashley Tan / Skylar Moore - Dublin Coffman
Olivia Kompa / Paige Kompa - Upper Arlington

Division II Singles
Janelle Ghanem - Columbus Academy

Division II Doubles
Rosie Gliatis / Ayla Kazemi - CSG

Division I Singles
Division I Doubles
Division II Singles 
Division II Doubles

RCC versus Capital

Last Sunday RCC played a scrimmage against Capital.  This was a great experience to get some outdoor singles and doubles match play in against college players.  RCC was victorious on most of the courts.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Midwest Level 3 Tournament

Congratulations to Maddie Atway and Robert Cash for reaching the Finals of the Midwest Level 3 tournament.
Maddie made the Finals of the Girls 12s in Cincinnati.  She won the semifinal in 3 sets before losing the final in 3 sets.
Robert made the Finals in the Boys 16s in Dayton.  He played his doubles partner from the Easter Bowl Anand Saluja.

Tournament Results

Congratulations to Kai Britz for winning the U.A. Open Boys 14s.  Osuke Fujita was a finalist.
At the Elysium Boys 12s Compass tournament last weekend, Pavan Uppu won the tournament.  Dean Atway and Jackson Ware finished 3rd and 4th.
Congratulations to Stu Brdicka for winning the Boys 16s at Wickertree and at Elsyium earlier this month.  Connor Biernat won the Boys 18s at Elsyium.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Loyola Invitational

Congratulations to C.J. Cash for competing at the Loyola Invitational and defeating the 1 and 4 players from the team in doubles in the consolation.  The previous weekend they competed at the Villanova Invitational and will be playing at the Lehigh Invitational this weekend.

 Olivia Ott - Record for most doubles wins at Loyola

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Midwest Level 3 Midland

RCC had multiple players compete at the Midwest Level 3 Labor Day weekend in Midland.
Among the highlights, Trevor Ball played 6 matches of singles with some good wins and very competitive matches against seeds.
Stuart Brdicka played four very competitive matches in Boys 16s.  Jordan Phelps won the South Draw of Boys 16s, winning the final in a 3rd set tiebreaker.  Colten Clark won 2 rounds in the front draw of Boys 16s including beating the 9 seed.  Robert Cash won the Gold Draw of the 16s, defeating a Blue Chip in the final after dropping the 1st set.

Monday, September 14, 2015

ITA All Academic Award

Congratulations to Jeffrey Melvin from Boston College for receiving an ITA Scholar Athlete award.  To receive this a student athlete must:

  • Be a varsity letter winner
  • Have a grade point average of at least 3.50 (on a 4.00 scale) for the current academic year
  • Have been enrolled at their present school for at least 2 semesters (including freshman thorough senior year).