Wednesday, October 16, 2013

14s Adv Team Tennis Nationals

The RCC 14s Advanced Team will make its 2nd straight trip to Nationals this weekend in Columbia, South Carolina.  The 9 players on the team are:

Alex Cash

Alex was selected for the 2013 OVTA Team Cup.  She was the OVTA district doubles champion, and the GCTA qualifier champion.  She is a state qualifier and sectional champion in doubles for New Albany High School.
Alex likes to play with and train her dogs Gabriella and Maggie.  She also enjoys baking and creative cooking and shopping with her mother and friends.

Ashley Weeks
Ashley is a member of the State qualifying Upper Arlington Varsity Tennis Team (ranked #2 in state). She qualified and competed at the OVTA Midwest Qualifier in 2012 and 2013.
Ashley enjoys cooking, working with young children, and math.

Paige Kompa

Paige was a finalist at the OVTA distict championships in 2013 and won a 12s Level 5 National Doubles Tournament.  She qualified and competed at the Midwest Closed at age 11 and age 12.
Paige likes to bake, boogie board, and hang out with her friends.

Sarina Xie
Sarina was the 2013 Court One Midwest Level 3 Doubles Champion.  She was on the Midwest Champion 12s OVTA Team Cup Team.  Sarina also won the 12s GCTA Qualifier.
Her hobbies include drawing, playing piano and hanging out with friends.  She also loves pandas.

Colten Clark
Colten was a doubles finalist at the 2013 Court One Midwest Level 3 Championships.  He was the Pie Seifert Champion in 2012.  He was on the 2012 RCC team that finished top 10 at Nationals.
Colten is the point guard on his Jr. High Basketball team and also plays golf.

Connor Biernat

Connor was on the 2013 14s Midwest Zonals Championship Team.  He was in the finals of doubles at the Court One Midwest Level 3 Championships.  He went undefeated in singles at the JTT Midwest Championships.
Connor enjoys golf, hunting and fishing.

Jack Dabek
Jack Dabek is an 8th grade student at St. Brigid of Kildare School in Dublin, OH. Jack was the South Draw Singles Champion at the 2013 National Spring Championships. He and his partner, Robert Cash of New Albany, won the Bronze Ball at the 2013 National Spring Championships Boys 12 Doubles. The duo also won the National Open Boys 12 Doubles and are the 2013 Midwest Closed Boys 12 Doubles champions.
Jack also enjoys music performance and has played the violin since he was 3 years old. He is a former member of the Suzuki Music Columbus Tour Group. Jack is also proficient in saxophone and is a member of the Watterson Area Honor Band. 
Jack is coached by Gabe Higgs and Bryan Nibert. 

Robert Cash

Robert was 2013 National Open Sportsmanship winner and Doubles Champion.  He was the OVTA District and Midwest Closed Champion in singles and doubles.  He won a Bronze Ball in doubles in 2013 at Spring Nationals.  All of the doubles titles were with Jack Dabek.  Robert was a member of the 2013 Midwest Champion OVTA Team Cup.
Outside tennis, Robert enjoys drums, xbox, fishing and Professional and College sports.

Robert Dong
Robert Dong is an 8th grader at Hastings Middle School.  He qualified and competed at the Midwest Closed in 2012.  He has multiple Midwest Level 5 consolation championships.
He enjoys and hates playing the violin, and has won many awards from violin.  RD's hobbies include biking, basketball soccer and fishing, and he thinks he would be pretty good at competitive cycling.

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