Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Holiday Doubles Tournament

RCC ran Annual Holiday Doubles Tournaments over Winter Break.  Teams played doubles and team singles each round.

Congratulations to the winners of each group:

High Performance

Cj Cash / Robert Cash

Team Development and Superstars

Superstars: 1st Aleks Andrin / Hayes Houseworth.  2nd Anurag Thokula / Mihai Crisan
Team Development:  1st Louis Denko / Andrew Daniels.  2nd Zach Palmer / Cole Keller

Stars and Shooting Stars

Champions:  Vinay Garg / Rahul Rajaram    Justin Wu / Shivum Kalyanam

High Performance Girls / High School Varsity and High Performance Junior

High Performance Girls / High School Varsity:  Wendy Shi / Neha Dudipala
High Performance Junior:  Roshan Sriram / Tanish Pairu

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