Thursday, May 22, 2014

NCAA Tennis Championships

The individual singles and doubles NCAA championships started yesterday.  Kevin Metka and Peter Kobelt are seeded 4th and take on Andrew Harris and Dane Webb from Oklahoma today at 5:30 P.M.  The match can be streamed online.
Peter Kobelt is also in the 2nd round of the singles playing Dane Webb right now.

The team lost to a great UCLA team in the Quarterfinals, concluding an amazing season which included their 1st ITA National Indoor Championship.  The following is from the zootennis article about Metka clinching the win against Florida.
"Metka, who seems incapable of any negative emotion on the court, kept serving and volleying, or chipping and charging, regardless of the importance of the point, and he cracked an ace to make it 5-5."
Ohio State coach Ty Tucker was happy it came down to Metka.

"It was tough, and I'm not sure if we deserved to win, but we had the right horse. For the last match on, we had who we wanted out there," said Tucker. "He misses a first serve, he says 'Go Bucks', he makes an error he says 'Go Bucks', he wins a point, it's 'Go Bucks'. It's Groundhog Day for sure, but we had the right guy out there. He wasn't thought about, he wasn't recruited at the Division I level. And all the guy ever wanted to do was be relevant in Division I tennis, and he's put his heart and soul into it." 

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